Baby Steps to Health

Week one of the challenge done and I give myself a C for the week. I have always been a results oriented person, which is not a good thing for a change your life/body challenge. I want to see any work I do pay off immediately and that would be what keeps me motivated, but what I have learned this week is that everyday is a decision, a choice, to be healthy and you have to enjoy making the little decisions on your journey without letting the big picture block your view. I have always found the excuses (as mentioned in my last post) to not give something a try if I didn’t feel I would be successful relatively quickly. If it wasn’t easy for me why would I do it? Those other people that are so fit and strong, well it must just be easy for them, they were born to be that way. ***CUE BUZZER SOUND*** After reading so many of the other blogs on the SINS site I have realized that everyone has excuses they could use, everyone has a life that they are living and they MAKE time to put in the work. Inspiring and humbling stuff. So I have decided to revel in every good decision I make, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. No cream in my coffee –AWESOME; Taking my dog and son out for a walk –SUPER; Putting some kale in my eggs in the morning –WAY TO GO; PRing my pre-pregnancy 3 rep Back Squat –SOUND THE TRUMPETS. What I have found while enjoying my little decisions is that with every good/healthy decision, I grow stronger, not just physically, but mentally. I am proving to myself that I have what it takes to do this journey, I just need to watch my step along the way. If I get so focused on what I want out of it, I will lose my footing, watch where you step and enjoy everyone of them – no matter how big or how small they are.


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In the beginning…

Get out of my way!

This is my new pep talk to myself. Since it has always been ME that has stood in my way. Take this SINS challenge, for example. I knew I wanted to do it, but after reading other blogs I immediately felt intimidated by everyone’s wit and determination. I don’t have inspiring words or side-cramping wit to share. I couldn’t even think of a zingy and fun blog title and so I put it off…who does that? Who finds an excuse to put off starting a blog that no one will probably read due to a fear of not being funny or inspirational enough. That’s when it hit me, I am always in my own way. I have always avoided things that I didn’t think I would immediately be successful at or that I didn’t feel I would measure up to the competition and it is time to stop that trend and admit what I am. I am not fit – not even close. I could say it is because I just had a beautiful baby boy in September, but that is not why. I was not fit before my pregnancy. I have been an athlete all my life and I have always gotten by on my athleticism rather than hard work. I would do the minimum of what was needed for my team, but I was never the one that would work hard in the off-season or stay after practices to improve. So when I no longer had a team that would require me doing even the minimum, I didn’t do anything. And it showed. It has been like that for far too long. So no more excuses, no more putting off to tomorrow. Time to admit, I am not fit, but I would like to be. I can’t deadlift 275, but I would like to. I can’t do a pull-up, but I would like to. I can’t do a HSPU, but I would like to. I am not proud of the way I look, but I would like to be.

Insert timeline…March 1 to June 1.

Insert goals…
1) Be able to do 1 strict pull-up
2) Be able to do 1 HSPU
3) Improve body composition
4) Deadlift 275
5) Finish the Warrior Dash in one piece 🙂
6) Paleo, paleo, paleo – will go as strict as possible allowing for cheats (read: drinking) on occasion.


Let’s get it started. Here is my before picture, I almost didn’t take one because my house is a mess, but no more excuses. Get out of my way!




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